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  1. Response to Chris re version of Outlook: I'm using the Office 365 suite, so the Outlook version is now 2016.
  2. What I found after wasting a lot of hours troubleshooting was that Outlook had automatically disabled the Evernote integration. The automated explanation from Outlook was that Evernote was slowing Outlook down too much and occasionally making it crash altogether. Had to go into Outlook settings to re-enable Evernote, and it's back to working with Outlook again.
  3. You gave me hope, but it still doesn't work for me (Win 10, Outlook 2013). Tried updating everything and rebooting, but no go. If I select more than one item in my Outlook inbox, the Save to Evernote feature greys out.....
  4. Interesting -- I'll have to check the subject lines in the messages that won't save. I did notice it seems to happen on the really promotional stuff, like when a vendor I buy from a lot sends an e-mail with a link to sale items, etc. I'm using Outlook 2013 in Office 365. Just a single user--no Outlook Server involved. Susan Breidenbach
  5. I'm having the same problem intermittently--"No declaration for attribute style of element BODY" -- when I try to save Outlook 2013 email messages using the save-to-Evernote button. It only happens on some messages; others get saved fine. Is there somewhere that we can MAKE a "declaration for attribute style...."??
  6. Until the batch-email capability is restored (for Win 10 / Office 365 / Outlook 2013 users), wouldn't it be faster to just e-mail messages into your Evernote Action Pending folder than to use the save-to-Evernote button? Seems to be less steps involved. (You do now need a paid version of Evernote to do this.) I'm brand-new to the TSW system, so sorry if this is a stupid question.
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