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  1. I believe this is still available, it just functions differently from the old version. If you go into the lists button/dropdown (the three lines beginning with bullet points), do you see “Cheklist” as an option? That’ll give you back your checklists. Somewhere I remember EN/Ian describing how checklists has been segregated from the ability to add a single checkbox (which can be done from the + (plus) button). I actually like this implementation as I rarely use checklists but love to throw in a checkbox here and there.
  2. For the record, the current version of Notes on macOS+iOS allows you to encrypt specific notes with a password.
  3. Nearly six months since it appears to be in the Windows version, and I'm here to comment that it is not in the Mac version as far as I can see. Seems like an odd thing to be missing for feature parity! May it come soon. But then I've been waiting for years to be able to pin notes and insert/edit URLs on iOS, so I'm not exactly hopeful.
  4. Oops! You’re right. I guess I’m paying for something so I’ll use that avenue. Though, it emphasizes that Evernote’s issue of the missing ability to make links is systemic across both mobile platforms.
  5. +1,000,000,000,000 I already commented on this on May 31, but three months later I wanted to contrast Evernote to Day One, who just realized a nice update that includes a Link button on iOS. They said it's coming soon to the desktop version too. When I talked to them about it I shared my gratitude and commented that Evernote and Day One had always made links a trillion times harder to execute than necessary. At least one of them have addressed this glaring issue. Evernote, your own forum has a Link script (the chain). That is all we are asking for, on iOS. Or are you too busy bl
  6. I'm also surfacing this request. I make extensive use of storing URLs in my notes and research. On Mac, all my URLs are tidy (as in, the word "Evernote" will go to "http://evernote.com" without looking like a URL). On iOS, this is nearly unachievable. I reached out to support and they did give me one method that works (and may be universal across iOS but I haven't tried). See this link for the method. But it's SO tedious. Quotes, spaces, two types of brackets… That's an obnoxious amount of software keyboard steps just to make a link. The "method" link I made in the above sentenc
  7. I'm personally accustomed to card view on Mac. I tried Evernote once for GTD with due dates and checkmarks and wasn't too fond of it. Using it to pin a note in that Reminders pane sounds great though. I'm going to implement this. Didn't realize the date could be changed in the info window, so I'll keep that in mind too. Tags may be an option to group together all my 'data notes'. I'll play around. Thanks for the responses!
  8. Hi. I've hit a breaking point where, considering the way I use Evernote, this feature would be extremely useful and I really want it implemented. We have the ability to add notes to a shortcuts/favorites bar, which I already use. However, I have a few notebooks in which I organize weekly/monthly logs, with one note that describes the data about those logs. For example my vitamins/supplements notebook. I have a note with information about the ones I use, why I use them, which supplements work in conjunction with others, etc. On top of that I have weekly notes for which supplements I use e
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