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  1. I've given up on Evernote ever fixing this problem. I've decided the only solution is to stop using it. It wasn't only this annoying bug. I also very much dislike that Evernote is constantly asking me to upgrade to Premium. They also have the very annoying habit of inserting the software into my disk startup items, even though I have removed it several times. My computer is not the fastest, but it itsn't the slowest either, but having Evernote try to startup every time you restart your disk for an unrelated software update brings the startup to its knees. I just can't take it anymore. I am slowly moving all my Ever notes that I want to keep to Apple notes. It's like public storage anyway- how often do you really go back and look at one of those saved items? I say, "out with the old!"
  2. I signed back in to make sure I was following this thread, and guess what. ANOTHER REQUEST. What a joke.
  3. I am getting a popup asking me to confirm my email address everyday. I've done it over and over again. Now I just hit cancel. Can't this bug be fixed? I use Evernote free service primarily on my desktop Mac and rarely on my iPhone. It is incredibly annoying to be asked to confirm again and again. What the heck does Evernote need this for from a registered user? Very annoyed user.....
  4. If this is an official email from Evernote, it's in very bad form. Companies should NEVER send links to users and ask them to click on them. More often this is a practice of phishers. I am receiving them on both my iPhone and my desktop, and I did click the verify on the phone. I will not click anymore and will redirect these to my spam folder.
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