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  1. Wow. This functionality is so precious. I really need this. I was in a meeting, want to record and ... well ... no more possibility. I don't understand why we got so many possibilities and now they are gone. When I think "product update" it's for more functionality, not less. I'm a paid user since the beginning of evernote but I'm really searching for something else to do the job. I've told everyone since many years to use evernote but I can't do this now. :'( I always wanted to be positive but .. guys .. recording an audio file ins't as hard as a trip to mars.
  2. Hey thanks ! And can you add or remove a reminder to a note with this web version ?
  3. Nice search tool ! Is this possible to add "reminders" to the search ? Eg : Search for the notes of a client and ad the "reminder" option to see if there's still things to do to a specific time. I still hope there will be an option to ad a reminder to the notes on the new version 😇
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