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  1. Gmail clipper not working in chrome gmail calender. I get a link in evernote that takes me back to the calender but the content that I thought I was clipping is not in evernote. I was delighted when I first found I could bring up web clipper in a calender event, select what content I wanted and send to evernote. What a great thing. Trouble is it doesnt work. I use evernote only marginally because of the cumbersome sequence so far of select content/copy/open evernote/select note or make new note/paste/close evernote. Doing the web clipper is obviously so superior but without the gmail function and the calender gmail function it falls far short. Or am I dumb and missing something?
  2. I,m having the same save problem reported in feb of this year. Since no one seemed to respond let alone have a solution lets post it again: in my case when I open an existing note or create a new one and enter new text Evernote does not save the additions. I generally double click to open an existing one and for a new note I either hit the caps lock button or evernote's 'new note'. (ps does anyone know how to turn off the caps lock, I hate this and think it too is counter intuitive and generally a nuisance). I'm using windows 7 on a laptop and syncing to an android phone.
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