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  1. Happy birthday thread (belatedly)! And happy birthday this to this feature, still there on a recently rebuilt Windows 10, with . Time to rejoin the others, just grin and bear it - really doesn't matter, it's just a scrollbar! Hey, think big picture, dude.
  2. I suffer from this exact problem, and it is quite surprising (understatement) to me that a glitch of these proportions has not been escalated after all this time. It is this type of issue and the absence of any response other than slightly absurd workarounds proposed here for a non-functioning scrollbar in lengthy and pointless discussions, even calling it a 'feature request' (lol - could not make that one up) which provokes the thought: 'Evernote in its current form and with these policies is surely doomed'.
  3. As one who weighed in earlier in this thread, I was delighted to find (with some help from the forum - thanks guys!) that the answer is 'yes, we added this feature, drag the little green dot - simples!' and I use this feature a lot. The discussion here seems to suggest that this feature - which works a treat - is somehow not available. Puzzled.
  4. Hey - thanks for that! You are right, this is a swipes question, not EN. I'm just baffled as to how swipes gets all its plaudits and following, without auto-importing tags... I need to organise my tasks under categories, not on a timeline. Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. At least I know I can safely uninstall swipes now, and maybe go to trello - if EN just allowed me to reorganise checkbox-lists with drag-and-drop.... but I know, it's not a 'task manager', it's great as it is, no mission creep allowed. Sigh.
  5. Hi - not sure if this is great forum etiquette, but I have a question somewhat related to to this. It seems clear (to me) that evernote tags - other than "swipes" which is special - should define workspaces in swipes so I can organise my actions under themes. However the only way I have found to add workspaces is by adding workspace 'tags' to swipe 'tasks'. This seems bizarre - I am having to duplicate something already done in evernote, and now on a touch screen!. I must have missed something - it can't be this hard! Android and Windows. I asked support but Yoda ate their answer (honest!
  6. I see what you mean - I cannot find any other image that is unresizable, except the pwo I was looking at, which still refuse! I think it may be too low-res after my efforts yesterday, but anyway I'm not at all bothered and this new feature is ace. Hats off to Evernote. I am a paying user and these upgrades make me happy to do so.
  7. Many thanks for your persistence @csihilling! I find that after reboot and creating a new photo note in the latest windows version... I can indeed resize by dragging the blue dot, just exactly as you say! It does not work on old notes, but lets emphasize the positive - this is a great leap forward. Again, your support on this thread much appreciated, and perhaps others will find it and thus be saved from certain drudgery.
  8. Well filled with excitement and hoping that EN might have the latest in WYSIWYG technology (remember that from the 80s?) I have just downloaded the latest windows update ( onto my Windows 10 machine, and blow me down it seems just the same ie I can open it natively in Skitch, I can crop, but resize? Where are those nice drag-handles in the corners? Maybe I am missing something, I sincerely hope so, but it seems like the same old cack. Other features are really nice, don't misunderstand, I love EN but this stuff is embarrasing, like 'oh, yes, to edit an image you first do sync, the
  9. This thread is funny haha - how long can one spend discussing a feature that is so blindingly obviously MISSING and so incredibly obviously USEFUL? To an alien it would be hilarious... just DO IT and stop talking about it PLEASE PLEASE! We are no longer in the 1980s and the ability to RENDER an image in a user defined WINDOW is just... soooooo basic. Please. No more chatter. Or excuses. Bring it. Thank you. Love you.
  10. I just implemented the 'workaround' and it works perfectly for me on my Dell Precision 1080x1920. I don't understand the thing about ' it wastes a lot of screen space ' as it seems just dandy to me. oh well - maybe I need some angry pills like the other folks. thanks, anyways!
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