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  1. I am new to this thread and have not read it all. However I have just experienced 'unable to open file' after scanning in from scansnap to 10.9.10 But only larger files! Investigating, I found the attached file did not have pdf extension. I was able to rename it 'in place' with a right-click. Just adding .pdf on the end. I could also then using the ... change default view to 'all pages'. I now see my entire 40-page pdf when I preview or open it. Just what I wanted. Has someone else already said this, in the thread? Don't know.
  2. This was reported and discussed at length in a previous forum post dating from 21 Dec: "continuous-release-note-pop-up" (meaning 'daily popup', not continuous obviously) https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/132862-fixed-in-version-106-continuous-release-note-pop-up/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-602026 In that thread, staff member Shane D on 30 Dec (yes, a full 9 days later) declared "we are aware of this issue, are able to reproduce it, and are working to fix it as quickly as we can." He marked it solved. It was not solved. He renamed the thread ungrammatically as well -
  3. Evernote support tell me today wednesday: "According to our development team, Evernote version 10.6 has started rolling out this morning. For future updates, please visit this article: Evernote release notes Thank you for your patience." They also previously told me "the issue should fixed on the next update of Evernote version 10.6." Sadly the release notes are still for 10.5.7, but one can hope 10.6 will solve this.
  4. I emailed a contributing editor at a technology magazine a few days back about this topic - he has reviewed Evernote more than once. He gave a detailed and thoughtful reply - amazing considering I just emailed him cold. Two practical points: 1) just like Evernote helpdesk, she suggests going back to the legacy version both on Windows and Mac - you get manual sync and no popups. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052560314-Install-an-older-version-of-Evernote 2) there's a much less feature-rich but open-source and 'bring your own storage' project called joplin which he
  5. I got this response to my support ticket yesterday: Regarding the issue about the "You're up to date" pop-up, it shows on my end that the issue should fixed on the next update of Evernote version 10.6. In the meantime, the workaround is to download the Evernote Legacy app. Please follow the instructions in this Help & Learning article: Install an older version of Evernote. They seem oblivious to how annoying/disruptive a popup is/can be e.g. in video meetings. It is infuriating that they are so clueless.
  6. Hey bluzegtr That's very ingenious. You may not be a staff member, but you are indeed much loved at Evernote... so much so that they use your eulogy to Evernote as the snippet for this thread! That's amazing! Out of all the posts, they use one that praises Evernote most highly - like an Amazon ***** review!!! See snippet below: "I am not too concerned about the popup" Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
  7. response I got yesterday: Again, my sincerest apology for the inconvenience this has caused you. Please know that our development team is taking extra effort to fix the issue. Your utmost understanding and extended patience is highly appreciated. Amazing, just totally amazing.
  8. I got the same. I thought I was going mad. Oh well, I guess they can say it's solved because there's no pop-up message. Just a blank popup. Nice to know that they are working on it... give them a few more weeks and they might figure out how the code works... and then maybe test it??? and then release it???
  9. I opened a new support ticket and they responded they are 'working to fix this'. To which I respond: 1) The message is "You're up to date!" not 'you are up to date' as you stated. 2) For me it occurs randomly or possibly on a clock, not at startup. Others have reported it happening on startup. Randomly (or timed) is especially annoying and disruptive. 3) You say you are 'currently working to fix this' So why is it marked 'solved' on the forum by staff member Shane D on Dec 30 at the same time he says "we are working to fix it as quickly as we can" which shows it is not solved,
  10. Just got one again. I opened a support ticket a while back on this subject and they responded 'it's known bug'. But did nothing. They seem totally oblivious to how annoying a popup is - living in a bubble. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. It seems faintly ironic that a user is told "you are up to date!" when this forum says 'you are not up to date!'... And that when the problem was marked 'fixed' it was not fixed but we were told to watch this thread... And when watching this thread, the problem is fixed (maybe) but we are not informed... *sigh*
  12. The problem (for me) was that the window would pop up randomly (possibly every 24 hours) - not on launch. @gallde You can test your problem and declare it solved. I cannot test my problem - however I gave my logic, and can await a random pop-up. My client program says I am up to date - it must surely check the server to conclude this. The staff member has not posted a resolution - they just lied and said it was fixed a while back, when it was not fixed at all by their own admission. Furthermore it does not help that the staff changed the title of this thread to 'continuous releas
  13. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallde said: It looks like they fixed the "you're up to date" popup issue, anyone still getting it? Now if they'd only fix the tray icon click (or double-click) not directly opening the main program... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My response:
  14. For how long now has Evernote been working on a fix? On a scale from 0 to 10, this really ought to be at the low end. Actually, at zero.
  15. @ShaneD 1) This topic has been "solved by Shane D 2 hours ago" - well, that's a lie 2) You changed the topic to "Continuous Release Note Pop-Up" - presumably to make it really difficult for anyone to find, by searching for the ACTUAL MESSAGE ie "you're up to date! notification". Is this deliberate? Why would you do that? What people search for is THE MESSAGE ITSELF - not your regurgitated semi-digested version of the problem. OMG how can an organisation not know how to solve this problem after rewriting the entire codebase from scratch? [okay that may be a lie also but you
  16. I got a reply to my support ticket (my italics and bold) As of now, we don't have an update on how to turn off the pop up notification. We really apologize for this matter. I suggest always check the forum thread that you provide, for resolution on this. For the meantime, I suggest using the legacy version. Sweet.
  17. This channel seems not to be read by evernote staff. natkuhn (above) shows how to do a support ticket "I submitted a ticket at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new " possibly twitter also, DTLow (above) says: "Twitter @evernotehelps "
  18. Bigger question: what kind of organisation thinks this is a good idea? Very dumb indeed.
  19. Why do I receive this, and why would anyone anywhere want to receive this *every day*? More importantly, how do I manage this (i.e. turn it off)? I have looked in the menus, and on this forum.
  20. Is this fixed now... for real? Cannot believe it! Scrollbar seems to work! This is too good to be true!! 2.5 years have just flashed by.
  21. http://youtu.be/C9OSc4FcYpo?hd=1 is a short demo - saves all the chatter. didn't mean to leave the sound on. you might want to mute it. I'd say in my experience, this is unique to EN. "and that's all I got to say about that" - Forrest Gump
  22. It's true, unfortunately. I thought EN would test their bugfixes before announcing them fixed. *sigh* As an aside to @gustavgi : my home key is broken, which is why I fixate on this - I have no shortcut AFAIK and can't be troubled to map another key.
  23. Fixed (cumulative changes since version 6.12): - Large lists of notes and tags are scrollable as expected woot!
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