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  1. Thanks. Good points, but hate to rely on Legacy existing for long. Will have to think about this, I've used Evenote since 2008, but the user Feature support is becoming hard to rely on in the way we did before. This new client is disconcerting.
  2. I'm using Windows 10 for an OS. For the instructions for full backup in the thread, I'm not familiar with enscript. As for right clicking, I've learned here that it only works for the lowest level (non-stacked) Notebooks, for a long time user its not exciting to have to right click on 76 Notebooks each time. I long ago decided to live with selecting all and losing notebook context but at least be able save the notes. Had put in a feature request to have a one-action export that retained Notebook structure, but instead it now doesn't even allow a flat export. sigh. Thanks for your help.
  3. Really? So 1) here is the result when right clicking on a Notebook: and Really? 2) how does one export All Notes into one file like was possible with the prior release of the client? The limit is now 50 notes, which is absurd. Pink Elephant: Let us know where to find Export All Notes and we will no longer call it Disabled.
  4. I have the Windows client version 10.9.10 , and have found that all exports of more than 50 Notes have been disabled. AND, there is no ability to right click on a Notebook to export it. Removal of large scale capability is tragic for those of us who have for years critically rely on Evernote for data. I used to tell everyone I met that they need to adopt Evernote, now you're moving to a level of use that is only for unimportant data. It's hard to imagine why Evernote would eliminate this???
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