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  1. Does anybody have a system that works for GTD when sharing/delegating tasks? I have 16 direct reports and currently use a notebook for each which I share with them. Amongst other notes in the book is a note for "one on one". I meet each one weekly and actions with a check box and a deadline are added under the date heading in the "one on one" note. If a deadline is missed or needs to move I write the new deadline along side the old. That way I can see how frequently deadlines are missed. It's crude and sort of works, but I could be more productive if I was able to see all actions with today's due date, and my team could do the same. Any tips? It could be that I'm trying to put a square peg in a round hole and Evernote simply won't fit but I'm hoping that's not the case.
  2. I read a lot about it not being "another to do" list but what I don't understand is what it is trying to be. If it is a filing system for "stuff" or a filing system of "stuff I want to share" then I wonder why you would want to keep stuff or share stuff if not to create action. If you are trying to create action then progressing action seems fairly fundamental. I buy into the view that it could just be about "stuff", but then I see that Evernote has a "for business" product. And that's where I am again confused. Given the proportion of posts written about Evernote being about this feature, will Evernote listen to it's users and become a better, more relevant product? Anybody that doesn't need the feature of course, doesn't have to use it. This post is from a premium user running a £100m turnover business with 200 staff exploring the functionality of Evernote for use across the business.
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