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  1. It might if you use a username to login and not your email address?? That was my point although perhaps not succinctly stated.
  2. I may have solved this mystery. I was logged in to evernote on pc's, ipad, phone and never logged out (just closed the window when I was done). I was logged in with my username rather than my email address. I decided to log out of all evernote apps and log back in using my email address rather than my username. So far so good although it may be too soon to tell.
  3. I was just using evernote on my desktop pc running windows 7 professional and I got a verify email pop-up. I've been getting so many that I have been canceling them. This time I hit verify and I never received an email. It did not go to spam either.
  4. I am also getting these messages at an annoying rate. I use evernote on my verizon moto X, my ipad and various computers regularly. Most recently, I used evernote on my pc and the verify email message popped up on my phone. I wasn't even using it on my phone. I'll pay closer attention to see if there's any rhyme or reason to the pop ups in the hopes of solving this mystery.
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