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  1. Got it done, and while functional, the interface on the tablet is clunky. Nice on the webapp, though. Thanks again for the tip. :/
  2. I had logged into the web app to try it there and discovered it just now. Busy tagging everything. If it can provide the pseudo-nested-filing experience similar to gmail, then I'll be happy. Will know just now. Thanks!
  3. I'm aware of this. I would intuitively group meetings into substacks, but since I can't do that, I'm having to find another way. I was completely unaware that tags can be used for navigation. Now that you point me that way, I've even seen how Evernote would display those tags by "tree", which sounds like exactly what I would prefer to use--but I haven't been able to find how to edit or create this "tree" on the Android app. Thanks for the useful tip.
  4. Jeff, Thanks for the tip on searching out posts by engberg. As far as the actual location of Gmail messages as opposed to their appearance, I'm already quite aware. My Evernote app presents my growing list of notebooks as a navigation pane. One that could certainly benefit from logical classification and nesting. Until the tags can be used as a logical navigation, and not just as a search tool while we live with this ugly ten-mile long navigation panel, it's clunky. And yes, I'm quite aware of how to use adjectives. Thanks for presenting your opinion.
  5. I've just done a good ol' Google search to try to learn how nest my Evernote stacks. I've found blogs calling for EN to add this feature, blogs helping folks cope with the lack of this feature, and blogs trying to help people adapt to tagging as a clunky replacement for hierarchical organisation, and I've found this thread, which began in 2008, of which I've read the first three pages and this last page. Here's my question: after six long years of people consistently asking for this feature, is there any place where EN has explained their philosophy of leaving only one level for notebook st
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