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  1. Still cannot contact support? How do I get my issue resolved? Premium member, but getting kicked out of support page. It forces a log out every time!?
  2. that page just loges me out of evernote web! soooo frustrating.
  3. I did a similar thing trying to delete one tag from several selected notes. i accidentally untagged the selected note thinking I could add another. however, when I deleted/untagged the selected notes the multiple notes disappeared so I had no way of reselecting them under the "tag" to apply a new one. any way to recover the notes that are spread across several notebooks?
  4. I have a similar issue with evernote at home. I cannot use the windows desktop client at home. I cannot sync and I believe it is due to poor bandwidth. I emailed support but have not heard a reply. I am only getting 1.0mbps and sometimes only .64mbps. I can never seem to get evernote to sync at home even when I am getting 2.0mbps. at work I have a 25mbps connection and never have a problem. Dropbox and google drive sync no problem anywhere I am at. Does anyone know if evernote changed something? I know they said they speed up sync a few months ago and now I am having this issue. no problems prior too their upgrade.
  5. does this beta fix the sync issue when adding attachments in windows (failure to upload/sync.?
  6. well I had the issue on a Windows 7 HP laptop which was my primary for a number of years. I recently moved to an Acer with better specs and was fully restored to factor settings and have the same problem as on my HP. Tech support made the verdict on the bug not me. Sympathy appreciated. Just can't bring myself to abandon evernote as there is nothing else quite like it.
  7. That is where I am. I have had many issues on windows. and windows only. All my other devices are fine.I am on windows 7. I have two PC's and both are doing the same thing. I have had multiple emails from support only to conclude that there was a bug they were working on. I would go MAC but just can't afford their hardware
  8. i have been emailing support for like 3 months on an issue with the windows client. I cannot upload anything files or attachments I add in windows. They say there is a bug that has yet to be fixed. You could be in the same spot as me. If you add to a now (word doc or PDF you will get a sync error. I can download anything I do on my other devices but anything i add(files) will not upload to their servers. I have to do it via the web client. VERY FRUSTRATING. I have the latest version and have even tested a beta, still nothing. They have been very kind through all this, but I am quite handicapped in my workflow due to this.
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