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  1. Just realized that my screenshot photos were not showing up. Fixed now!
  2. Forgot to add, if you have any questions or suggestions, I'd be happy to chat with you here about them.
  3. I love using Evernote on my laptop, but not so much on my iPhone. Can I be the only one who finds it hard to jot a quick thought in the Evernote iPhone app? Because of this, I developed a fast app that's great for quick notes and (especially) lists, and saves back to Evernote. It’s called UpWord. I’d love to hear if anyone else finds Evernote’s iPhone app a bit hard to use, and if anyone thinks my app is helpful. Feature requests and feedback are welcome. Thank you! Get UpWord Notes for Free: Tap this link on your iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/id778883247?mt=8, or Search “UpWord” in the App Store Benefits: Swipe List: create lists, cross off as done, and highlight as important - with one simple swipe One-Tap Reminders: quickly save a note or task for later Repeating reminders Organize with folders & favorites Save to Evernote Beautiful design themes & fonts for personalization Multi-level undo & redo Opens straight to a new note to capture ideas faster (turn on in "Settings") Full-text search (titles & note contents) Word count Night mode, for typing in the dark Sort notes by recency, alphabetical order, or reverse-alphabetical
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