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  1. In older version of Evernote I was able to encrypt my entire note that I use to store all my various credentials that I use. But in the the last couple updates that functionality hasn't been working as expected. My note is Largely text and maybe a link in there somewhere. I do notice that selecting one or a few of the credentials does allow the encryption to work; but obviously anyone using an Evernote in this way is not just interested in only encrypting one or a few sets of credentials(User, password, email). Please fix and update the encryption capabilities so entire notes can be encrypted. Whether there's 1 charter, 10 characters, 100 characters or upwards of 10,000, 100,000 or 100million characters inside the note. Leaving notes like this with personal and private information exposed for anyone that might click on it or happen to see it is definitely not preferable. When you guys there at Evernote decide to work on this please instruct your programmers to test the update by creating a note with upwards of a 100 plus dummy credentials with reasonable double or triple spacing between credentials ; select all and attempt to encrypt.
  2. I found this thread not because I'm trying to prevent myself from messing up my notes, but a "Read-only option for individual notes and notebooks alike is useful when you need to share a note or notebook with someone but you don't want that other person or people modifying the note. It's hard to believe when the Evernote team conceived this app that they wouldn't consider the usefulness of making some notes read only; especially shared notes and notebooks.
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