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  1. I am in favour of this idea. Most of the pdfs I read are about photography and the author has to be extremely careful when compressing the images that the overall integrity of the images are not compromised. For this reason many of my pdfs are over 200mb. I would like to see it raised to 500mb (even 250 would be better). As it is Evernote is excellent but flawed. This one enhancement would make it nearly perfect!
  2. Hi Guys. This query was first posted in 2015 and at that time there was no duplicate note button. With the introduction of the button this issue is completely resolved. Thanks for your help.
  3. Doh! I never even thought of trying to copy to the same workbook! Thanks jbenson! Like I said there is likely to be a very good reason why the developers haven't included my desired functionality - such as they already have!
  4. Hi Guys, I know there is a feature in the desktop client to copy note to another notebook but I would like an option to copy note within the same notebook (maybe called duplicate note). The reason for this is that despite the content being different, it would be quicker to duplicate a previous note (in order to get the tags and information filled in) and then simply delete the content and replace it. It occurs to me this could become an enhancement... you could depreciate the move to notebook option and replace it with a duplicate option. When you click on duplicate it could pop up a window saying which notebook do you want to copy it to (with the default being the current notebook). This would offer greater functionality without affecting the original method. UI would be surprised if this has not already been considdered but I would like to know why you have decided against it if so. Thanks & regards, John
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