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  1. Totally off topic but: ten and 4 tenths is a larger number than ten and 14 hundredths
  2. So...I'm not even going to ask why ever increasing numbers do not designate more recent versions since 10.4 IS greater than 10.16 and.....I'm just going to go the web site and find the 'latest' version. Why? Because the Help > Check for Updates - yields this: You’re up to date! Evernote 10.4.3 is currently the newest version available. Go figure.
  3. I'm running 10.4.3 Is my math that bad ? ......I think that 10.4.3 is greater than 10.14. So.......I have passed the 10.14 release and should have the feature restored, but clearly it is not. And....when I try to use the update function Help > Check for Updates. EV tells me I'm on the most recent release !
  4. Hello All: I saw that the import folders were restored in EV version 10.16...... But I must be missing the big picture. I'm running: v 10.4.3 build 2071 public Editor: v112.1.14477 Service: v1.23.6 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved EV said that the function had been moved to Tools > Preferences > / however I have no other option but: Save data at logout ! Did I not drink from the right Kool-Aid bottle ? Maybe import folders are getting confused with auto import folders ????? Anyone ? -Keith
  5. Yes - thank you for reminding us that we can still use the old Evernote....and yes it works. But we (us users) would still like to see this feature implemented into the 'new' Evernote. If you (developers) could give us some idea of your time frame for this feature as it stands on your priority list, that would be very helpful. Thank you for your attention,
  6. With all due respect. (I’ve been reading your helpful and thoughtful suggestions and fixes for years). Perhaps the “Voting Process” could itself be better distributed to us users. I have a feeling that just because we don’t ‘vote’ for a suggestion, but merely ask for one, the suggestion - and appropriate response - is lost. thank you for helping me understand how to communicate better with the user base and Evernote Staff.
  7. All: This has been requested for years.......there is no indication that it will adopted anytime soon. Seems pretty simple...maybe that's why it is overlooked. Customers too.
  8. Jeff: Thank you for you response. Some of the issues you bring up have already been addressed in this thread. I understand the concepts related to syncing and the limits that EV has adopted related to tracking - or not - of file changes. I'm not looking to synchronize my files so much as I'm trying to keep an additional copy of the file in another format for portability since my document management system does not have a port to IOS. Yes I understand that there is no sync function per se. So to address your last question regarding PowerShell: I was asking if there was a way, based on the file metatdata (date/time), if I could write a script the would copy files created or modified in the last 24 hours to a new temp folder and import those into EV, then delete them from the temp folder. I'm sure its possible with Powershell and possibly enscript....but I'm not a very good coder. I hope this clarifies my questions, if not let me know. Perhaps I'm trying to solve the puzzle the wrong way. Keith
  9. Thanks - I'll try it out. One more interesting twist that hearkens back to the good old days. If you restore files by means of copying them, then the create date is the date that you restored the files, not the date that they were originally written. Aggravating....and if for some reason you happen to open one of those files then the modified date is the date upon which, obviously, the file was opened. So.....using either one of those file parameters is not always perfect. Perfection only exists in a vacuum. -Keith
  10. ....no dumb questions and your comments are always appreciated. Abbreviation: DM = Document Management The files that I edit are edited in a program called File Center - a DM. i.e. invoices that are stored and them marked (edited) as paid which contain a signature. Or a document that is under construction (collaboration project among multiple uses - my DM program does a great job of keeping track of changes and users, but if the file is in an EV watch folder I end up with multiple "notes" every time there is a change. ) Also as an aside - since my DM will convert scanned files to PDFs there is a lag between the time that EV imports the original file and the time that the file is processed. It is only a second or three, but EV will create two notes - one when the document is scanned and another after it has been converted to a PDF. So....addressing your valid concern of two copies: I use EV as my portable platform for finding/reading/displaying document when I don't want to bring my my laptop. Also EV does a better job with other aspect of displaying files not to mention to do lists, pictures, web clips and other functions. Your suggestion of moving files based on file date makes sense. It is not as straight forward as having a single folder for specific files, but as a work around I think that may work. -Keith
  11. Yes - I'm not sure how to do that. Perhaps a PowerShell guru would join in the discussion. -Keith
  12. Thank you: Excellent description - I appreciate your reply. My database is 7GB. I will integrate some of your precautions into my daily routine. -Keith
  13. DTLow: I just got a reply from gazumped who told me (addressing another issue) that the Windows (which I use) and Mac versions use a different database and file system for storing their notes. Perhaps I could do as you suggest with Win PowerShell, but as yet I haven't spent any time trying that method. -Keith
  14. DTLow: Since File Center is the center of my work product and a full featured document management system - it has all the functions built in to keep track of changes and file manipulations. File Center has not ported its product to IOS so I use EV on my iPad for portability of work product (if I don't want to bring my laptop) EV also has better functionality to handle pictures/to do/lists/etc. I have been happy using the two products and they have been working seamlessly......until I updated my computer and the 'sync' between the import folders was lost. -Keith
  15. Thank you for your reply. My primary program is a file management program and I keep the files (so I don't want EV to delete them after import). I have used your suggestion of creating an import folder in EV for 'new' files and then to move the new notes into the existing EV folder, but that is a bit cumbersome. It would be nice if there was a way for EV to 'know' which files it has already imported and not import the same files again. A side issue: When using the import folder function: If I change/edit a file that has already been imported EV will import the new version of the file as a NEW note. It would be great if EV would just change the existing note to reflect the changes. -Keith
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