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  1. As noted early on in this thread,  with tags this works on my Windows client, so in theory you could use the tag "ignore" and do something like:

    -tag:ignore searchstring

    But a simple checkmark in a notebook or some other way to make this more automatic would be very helpful, per the original request.  Since I often put reference texts and books into evernote those will get search hits almost every time - and if the a large book PDF comes up as the first hit then the rendering engine will freeze while the preview is processes.  If we can work around it with an addition to the search string, this could surely be automated easily as well.


  2. There seem to be so many relatively simple things (like this request) that I google only to find dozens of hits of people asking for it (dating back many, many years) but no progress on having it implemented.  The reason I will dump Evernote at some point is going to be because of the mass of annoying little things like this that I can't customize to my workflow or preferences.  I don't need cute sharing or collaboration features that seem to be getting so much development time, I need simple preference choices to make Evernote not piss me off so much.

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  3. I noticed that (after many years) the latest update, at least on the Mac version, the Delete key no longer deletes notes (you must use Command-Delete), which is a major step forward on this issue for me.  An optional confirmation still wouldn't hurt, but the fact that I will no longer delete notes when I think I'm actually deleting words in a search term is a big improvement.  Thanks evernote for finally addressing some of this, though it did take a rather long time......

  4. I have no idea how you keep hitting the delete button...


    I could see adding a message letting you know that a note was put in the trash and including an "Undo" - that's pretty standard of most modern UXs, but displaying a confirmation everytime I delete would drive me insane.


    Well, that's why a lot of suggestions are to make it a user option, which is the best solution.


    As to how I personally hit the delete button "accidentally", I am often editing a search in the text search box, and pressing <delete> to delete some of the text in that box (<delete> on a Mac is backspace), and for some unknown reason at random times Evernote will change the "focus" of the action from the text box to the list of notes.  So I start by deleting text in the search box, and I end by deleting a bunch of notes without noticing it.


    I haven't figured out exactly what causes the focus to change from the text box to the notes list, it could be position of my mouse, or another application doing something, but the point is that it is very easy to delete a note when in fact you intended to delete text in the search box.

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  5. Not to belabor the point (well ok, maybe a little) but the combination of no confirmation with no "undo" is a particularly glaring flaw for a product that is meant to security store your information forever.  Digging through the "Trash" folder to see what I may have accidentally deleted recently is an odd solution.


    Regarding the Evernote engagement discussed above, I entirely agree, but also note that too many large companies (Microsoft and Apple come to mind) fall victim to this as well.  Not engaging with the most invested and enthusiastic users is missing a huge opportunity to improve the popularity of Evernote.

  6. I cast my vote for this feature as an option - it's been my biggest issue with Evernote so far.  What has happened to me a few times is that I think I'm in the Evernote search bar editing my search words, but for some reason the search bar has lost cursor focus... so I hit the delete key a number of times (thinking I'm deleting a word in my search term) and end up deleting a slewful of important notes.  Only today through this thread did I find that you can sort your trash by deleted date, this is a big help, but it is still crazy that I have to stop what I'm doing and search through the trash (and this causes the 'updated date' on the notes to be set to current when restored).  This has happened to me way to many times now, an optional delete confirmation would fix this nicely.

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