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  1. I agree. It's not a "big problem" and there are obvious workarounds, but it is different from most "common dialogs", which is what users are habituated to/expecting. Providing a consistent, intuitive interface should be a goal for good software development. There's no reason to 'reinvent' common controls. I appreciate that this may be a hurdle with cross-platform development, but it contributes greatly to the user's experience.
  2. I frequently use the [CTRL]F 'find' dialog in the reading panel of Evernote 5.5.3. Once I find the text I want, I press ESCape to dismiss the 'find' dialog box. When I subsequently press [CTRL]F to search for something else, my last query remains. This is a pain, as I have to manually delete what's in the dialog box, rather than typing my query. This behavior is different from almost all other Windows applications, so it isn't intuitive for most users. Can we clear the dialog box after dismissing it?
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