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  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone knows any way to sync/incorporate Cronometer with Evernote? I'm a huge fan of both applications but merging them together would be life-changing. I've searched a bit for an idea and looked on IFTTT, but it seems no one has tackled this idea yet. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks! Em
  2. Hi! I'd just like to thank everyone for their help and replies, it turns out there was an underlying problem with my registry that was throwing off my whole system, including Windows Installer which is where the Evernote installation just crapped out. After many frustrating days and much troubleshooting, I have fixed the problems!
  3. No other applications running, and internet is a go.
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply! It's a machine I've had for about two years now and I did try downloading it from the EN site and reinstalling it. I did just check my hard drive is less than half full. I've turned off my machine multiple times now because that's the only way I've gotten it to function after the set up freezes.
  5. Hi, I'm relatively new to Evernote and have had horrible trouble trying to install it on my Windows 7 32bit PC. I have downloaded it directly from the website as well as trying a few other sources and when I try to install it, after I agree to the User Agreement and the status bar appears, it just freezes and freezes my computer. I've been searching Google for a few days and haven't had any luck finding a solution since I have never installed Evernote before so I'm wondering if there's something I'm doing wrong or anything you know of to fix it? Thanks so much!
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