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  1. I think it would be very useful (especially on a device the size of the iPad pro) to be able to create a virtual idea board inside of an evernote note. Imagine it this way - I'm on a job site and I take photos of parts of the house, and maybe even one from the front and back of the house. I'd like to just stick these photos into my note, and then annotate/mark them up, combined with regular notes below and in-between them. On small screens this might seem silly - but it will be huge. Right now use a live scribe because it lets me free hand note take, but I'd love to just witch entirely to digital with an apple pencil or any stylus on a non iPad pro device. I also think the creation of the iPad pro and pencil will open the door for competitors if evernote does not flex its muscles and take on this new technology quickly.
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