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  1. I like the widget and prefer to keep it on, but I don't want previews of my notes displayed on the lock screen. Some of my notes are personal, and I don't really want them displayed in the Notification Center, much less on the lock screen, where anyone who picks up my phone can see them even if it's locked. Is there a way to turn off the note previews for the widget? I might be mistaken, but I don't think earlier versions of the widget had the previews. It's a liability, and I have to start thinking of what the first couple of lines of my notes look like, and wondering who might see my locked phone when I am writing a note. It hobbles my creativity and slows me down. I'm not able to locate a setting that lets me turn these previews off. If it's not currently possible, I'd like to suggest this be added to a forthcoming update. Thanks.
  2. No. When this happened yesterday, I made another note to see what the suggestions were. Nothing was auto-filled, but when I clicked on the note name field, the same address was listed as a suggestion. I took a screenshot, then backspaced the name. After that, the only suggestion for new text notes was "Note". If I take a photo, it names it Snapshot, but the next text note is neither automatically named, nor has any suggested name available other than Note. So, it's not happening now, but it wasn't happening before I toggled location services - once I backspaced through that suggested title once. Maybe a good place to start to understand this is a list of all the data sources Evernote considers for note title suggestions - that might explain if there is any possible way without human interference that the address got there. Didn't readily find this in a simple search. Does this list exist, or Is this information that the company doesn't share with users? Thanks again.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. Yes, when I go to Settings: Privacy: Location Services it is set to Off. There are no options shown for exceptions, and my understanding is that this in the Off position overrides any application settings. For example if I try to use Apple Maps or Google Maps they point out that I need to turn location services in order to determine my position. In Evernote, under Settings: General - I do have "Suggested Note Titles" on. It says it will "...use location, calendar and other information to suggest titles for your notes". I do in fact want it to use any data contained or related to suggest a title - that seems convenient. Potentially even using location data could be useful but it seems that having the overall device settings in the off position would override this. If I go to the phone's Settings: Privacy: Calendars - Evernote does have permission to use that data (but the address in question isn't in my calendar). If I go to Settings: Privacy: Contacts - Evernote does not have permission' since I don't see any benefit in that for the way I am currently using Evernote. I would be surprised if each of these settings don't determine which pieces of data Evernote has access to (and chooses to use) for suggested note titles even when that option is on. Despite all that, what caught my attention was the specific address in a neighboring city. I have been all around that city, but not recently, and never to that specific address. (To your other point, I live in a fairly large city, a couple of minutes from downtown, and when I have used location services for driving directions it's impressively accurate consistently). If it had shown within a couple of blocks of my actual address, or one several hundred miles away, it would confound me less. It crossed my mind that Evernote my use clipboard data - since I don't see "...or other data..." defined - but again, the address isn't one I'm familiar with, isn't in my address book or a location I've searched for. I should probably point out so it's clear that I'm not overly concerned with Evernote having access to my information - my real concern is that someone else does not have access to my Evernote. Since I didn't put the address there, and nothing I can think of explains how it was automatically populated - I have to wonder if that is the case. Meanwhile, I did toggle location services on and off, restarted the phone, and am changing my (already rigorous) password now. As I said, I'm just starting to use Evernote seriously, and I want to feel confident that I can store more sensitive files there - this is a substantial setback in that regard unless I can figure out how the address got there.
  4. Made a note on iPhone early am yesterday - when adding another note several hours later, I saw a note titled with an address. It turned out to be the previous note I had added, but not only did I not intend to name it with an address, but I have location services off on the phone, and it was neither my address or my location. It was early in the morning, so I don't remember if I intended to name the note at all (I'm just starting to use Evernote regularly, and haven't gotten into a set way of doing things yet). It's far enough away that it wouldn't be a misread signal (even if location services had been turned on), but it's close enough that it's not random. It's a private residence about 25 miles away - not a location I've been to, and I've never titled any Evernote note with any address. I just can't figure where Evernote is drawing this address information from. When I clicked on the note name for my next note, that suggestion (the same address) came up. I cleared this address, and now note when I click note name, the suggestion is just "Note". I'm using the free version of Evernote. Latest update to iOS 7 installed. I've never misplaced the phone, always have a passcode lock on, and the phone is always in my pocket or on my bedside table. Thanks in advance for any insight.
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