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  1. I started to use Evernote on a Windows XP and Android several months ago. Download from the web and easy installation. Tree-structure for Notes, Notebooks and Tags on the left side. Easy to work. For work I got recently a new laptop with Evernote Touch for Windows 8.1 (64 bit) installed. I am very annoyed about the layout. Notebook partially on the screen, and for Tags, always have to swipe the screen to reach this area. Have been looking in the forum on how to change the screen settings. Found a lot of complaints on this layout, but no solution in these discussions (I looked for term layout / arrangement / settings). Evernote Touch (as other Touch software) even don't have a settings menu; I guess this is a Windows 8 Touch problem, not an Evernote Touch problem. Is it possible to change the layout: - smaller icons such that the whole 1.5 screen wide menu can be shown on 1 screen? - move the "Get More" to the right side? If not possible in Evernote Touch, how is the Evernote for Windows 8 (not the Touch version)? Does it still have the Tree-structure, or is this more configurable? Thank you
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