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  1. Send to Pocket/Instapaper (via iOS Bookmarklet), export to Evernote. Done. Or failing that do what I do. Set up an IFFT recipe so that any article you star in Pocket is automatically exported to Evernote.
  2. Personally I feel the 'scan'/document camera functionality of Evernote IOS is one of the poorest features. I find it much easier to scan documents and notebooks using apps such as TinyScan and then export them into Evernote. I find this allows me much more freedom, such as scanning in black & white and exporting as .PDFs. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi all. Long time Evernote user here but new to the world of software betas - so bear with me... One thing I have noticed since upgrading from B5 -> B6 is that sometimes I am unable to nest one tag within another. I'll drag the Tag A but it will refuse to place it within Tag B. Hope that makes sense :S. Liam
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