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  1. One of my favorite features of Evernote is being able to clip web articles to read later on my own time. This has really helped my productivity. I use one tag for unread articles, then delete ones I want to keep or change the tag for permanent archiving. It's a dream come true. I recently purchased a Windows Surface Pro 3, and have run into a problem with the 60 articles in my current "Unread Articles" tag: The font is so small the article is unreadable. The clipped font comes in at 7 point, which is already small. But the Surface Pro resolution is so high that many Windows Desktop apps become unusable (e.g., the buttons are so small they cannot be touched). I tried reducing the screen resolution 50%, but when I opened Evernote, it was unchanged. (Attempting to...) Using the mouse scroll wheel to enlarge like I do in Word or Publisher also had no effect. I did try the Evernote Touch app, which made the font larger, but I don't want to use the App... for the primary reason I do not want two copies of every note on my Surface. The Windows Desktop version is much more robust and I would prefer to work only in one environment. Am I missing a way to (a) enlarge the entire Evernote interface or at least ( enlarge the font to a readable size?
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