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  1. I know its called a Stack. I am looking to share with my Admin, but Stacks cannot be shared. Only Notebooks.
  2. I want to have the following: Buyers Notebook ---Adams Notebook (10 Notes) ---Jones Notebook (9 Notes) Sellers Notebook ---Smith (10 Notes) ---Wilson (9 Notes) And I want this to Synch to all devices. I don’t want to co-mingle Adams Notes with Jones Notes into one Buyers Notebook and use Tags. I just want one more layer of organization. What happens is that once I do a "Notebook within a Notebook", it automatically creates a Stack and the Synch function is disabled. Is there a series of steps I can do to make sure the Synch remains constant? Surely I am not the only one trying to accomplish this. And no I have not exceeded my 250 notebook limit. Thanks in advance for your help.
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