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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses! It was the the right tag identified in John Zeman's screen cap and spg Scott was correct. I resized the Note view and there it was. Thanks Scott!
  2. No, it's definitely the Snippet View. I select it from the menu View -> Snippet View or CTRL + F6 (I normally just use the little View icon - at least that's what I call it - that allows me to select List, Snippet, or Card view. Anyway, the Tags icon I am referring to is right next to the Notebook name. What I just found out that is interesting is that based on the Notebook I select, either it says "Click to add tag..." or it's blank and doesn't let me do anything. I don't know what the difference may be based on the Notebook. Something I need to look into.
  3. In the Evernote Windows desktop version, I use the Snippet view to view my notes. Just like the way it looks. But I recently have tried to use tags more often in Evernote, but in the Snippet view, I see the little tag icon, but there is nothing I can do to either add a tag or view the tags for the note while in this view. I do see the tags when I go to List view, but I don't particularly like that view. Anyone out there why I can't add/view tags in the snippet view and is there a way to change so that I can? Thanks!
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