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  1. Just a quick note to say, thanks for the videos and I have a quick question... I notice today that Chris said to use Cmd Z to switch over to the HTML version, which is a MAC command... Is it safe to assume that the same action in Windows will be Alt whatever the Cmd is on MAC... In this case Alt Z? John Bankson
  2. Thanks guys, I will give that a try.
  3. Hi, thanks for your response... I primarily use my computer for photo editing work, and although it is not blazing fast, I can edit in Lightroom with little lag. With that said, Evernote takes longer to load that Lightroom, which is notoriously resource hungry. The internet where I live is not super fast like you might see in the States or Europe, but it should be fast enough to support the data update process of EN without a problem. I do not load Evernote on my PC everyday, so I'm sure there are some files that need to be sync'd but again, it's usually minimal at best... I don't use EN as others might... for me EN is more of a filing cabinet for my life, a few web clips, and not much more than that. Regards, John
  4. Hi, not yet, I thought maybe I could find some help here first... Regards, John
  5. With Evernote for Windows, I find it slow to load... from click of the icon to opening the app, takes about 45 seconds... at about 30 seconds it says Opening Databases. I use tags on my all my notes, and once Evernote for Windows is open, it is fast... search is fast, create a Note or Notebook is fast, etc. I am running the latest Windows 10 on a Dell laptop with an i5 Intel processor and 6 gigs of RAM. Anyone else seeing this same problem or is my laptop under-powered? Thanks in advance for any help and/or feedback. Regards, John
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