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  1. Let me share you my experience. my evernote mac client ( os10.8 latest, evernote latest 5.5.1 ). in single word, PDF, huge pdf, matters the speed. i'm using evernote premium. in these 3 months i have uplodaed many pdfs into evernote. i has not been aware of this as the cause because it has been happening a little by a little. but for these a few weeks i felt mac client too slow. even making a note ( command + n ) makes 10 sec wait to show up the blank note. and then i googled and came to this article. and so i tried, to compare and see the root cause of my case, and then this was helped a lot. 10 times faster. i searched with resource type pdf. and and save attachemet to a folder to backup, then removed all the pdf files. it had about 200 pdfs. and some are very huge. some are not text base but jpg base and was like 300MB ( designer portfolio file ). i am a developer.... and not sure why binary contents makes the indexiging or something speed for general actions to use client. but this was happening. maybe if you remove all the binary files ( like photos ) then it makes further more faster than not only removing pdf. note that, the first sync after i remove the pdfs, evernote client took sync for 5 hours. it was almost hunging. my mac is fullspec macbookpro ( 15 retina quad core i 7 2.8GB + ssd ) and network speed is top in Japan (30MB/s). it is sooooooooo important the speed issue is. actually i am a developer and can write some code for myself to use evernote api. with some tools like ifttt and zapier, wappfolf, clludhq, we can like, if pdf is saved into evernote, then move the pdf file to dropbox, and make preview image and save the preview to evernote, and make link to the dropbox original path ) kind of thing. of using found or search triggerer to dropbox web ui would work for my usage. if you use evernote as the indexer of everyhthing. ( i think evernote is the indexer not the binary stroage engine, to point everything, including the text which is the human made indexing ruleset ) anyway, one word, remove pdfs, and do not store pdf in evernote. even only 100 pdfs, it makes big difference. maybe evernote premium pdf search functionality is the cause, tho.
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