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  1. Gazumped our office uses its own servers we have to backup to on regular basis. Thanks all for the thoughts: I decided to look at the issue from the pdf side solely and found this file which I think will allow me construct the hotlink that will do what I want. It's just gonna take a bit more typing then should be necessary http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/acrobat/PDFOpenParameters.pdf
  2. Thank you all for the thoughts and suggestions. JohnDM has hit the nail on the head. By his response I can tell that its something other users are seeking a solution. Wordsgood - I appreciate your concerns about my protecting my client's privileged information. I was planning on using the folders on my office computer. I saw the sync folders as a recognition that the note links to documents were location dependent. If you move the files it breaks the link in the note. Maintaining the connection between the note and the document was a first step. In my current location, I can't expect the court rooms to have wifi anyway. Even if I wanted to load the cloud with info I wouldn't have the access when I really need it.
  3. I have been enjoying some features of Evernote but have hit a wall in one area that is very frustrating to me. I work as a trial attorney. While there is plenty of paper still being used in my part of the country, I am beginning to get electronic documents and I have also begun to save large pdf documents in order to save space and make the documents easy to keyword search. When I prepare for trial I like to index my discovery by highlighting important words or phrases used in reports or transcripts and then noting in the index where those important facts can be found. For example: OFFICER X "The car was white" ArrestReport p1 top I had hoped that going digital would make this process more efficient. I had hoped I could essentially highlight the passage and be able have a hotlink to it saved in the index document. Like: OFFICER X "The car was white" ArrestReport p1 top That would make it even simpler to stay digital in court. I could click on the index, if an issue came up, and immediately begin reading from the source.\ It doesn't appear that Evernote can do that and it seems like something it should be able to do, especially with it's ability to sync folders. For 3rd Party app folks this sort of functionality could be used in all sorts of presentation settings. Where someone asks about the basis or background of an assertion... a sales person could pull up the research or market data on the fly.... my two cents thanks
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