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  1. I just wanted to add in that I'm seeing very similar behavior to those mentioned above, including the clipping hotkey/toolbar button not doing anything until I refresh the page, certain pages failing most or all of the time, etc.


    In particular, just recently github stopped working. I can't get the clipper to work on any github.com page I've tried. If you want a specific link, go here: https://github.com/austinzheng/swift-2048


    If I select something like "save bookmark to evernote", nothing happens. If I tap the toolbar button, nothing happens (no spinning activity indicator, no slide out sidebar, nothing). If I hit the web clipper hotkey, nothing happens. I'm certain that the web clipper used to work so either something changed on github or something broke in the web clipper in the last week or three.


    Safari Web Clipper was working perfectly fine on GitHub pages but not anymore so I had to copy-paste stuff to Evernote manually until I realized that Chrome still works.


    Could it be related to Content Security Policy somehow? See screenshot http://note.io/1sPrxRJ I think Github rolled that out recently. Chrome doesn't throw any errors into console.

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