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  1. Wow-thanks for the fast response I do however have a Mac, (I will know to mention this next time0. Everything is synched-which is why i'm worried. So I need to uninstall Evernote and then restore it to the new computer. Is it hard to uninstall? I am SO not a techie. Thanks again
  2. Hi- I hope that this isn't a ridiculously stupid question, but I'm about to get a new computer and wanted to know if I needed to break the link with my current computer first. Maybe I don't understand exactly how the Evernote syncs, but I'm afraid that when my computer is wiped, the information in Evernote would be deleted unless I halted the syncing first. If the answer is yes, I do need to unlink my current computer to Evernote, please tell me how to do this because I can't find this information. Thanks!
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