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  1. Hi everyone. I'm Naomi, CMO of cloudHQ. Here's our take: Different apps have amazing qualities, and we sync them together in an organized way so that you can harvest the best features of all of them. For example, maybe storing your Evernote notes in Google Drive (via a Gmail label, or via a doc in Gdocs) is an easier task for you when you want to access something on your desktop/laptop. However, Evernote might be easier to work with when you're mobile. If you do a 2-way sync to say, a file in Gdocs from a notebook in Evernote, all your data will be replicated in either cloud service. The difference between cloudHQ and others? We sync, not just replicate... so, you can keep changing your notes in Evernote, and those changes will still show up in your Gdoc, and vice-versa. I read some concern over how your pics would show up in Gdocs: Your pics from Evernote into Google Drive can show up in jpeg, pdf, or whatever format you choose when you set up the cloudhq sync. Lastly, this hasn't been addressed, but with lots of our Evernote clients, they're big collaborators with others. You can sync your Evernote notebook not only to *your* Google Drive folder, but you can also sync it to a team collaborator's Google Drive folder. This way, they'll have real-time access to your notes in a gdoc, and you'll have real-time access to their notes in Evernote. Complete your projects together! <-- see what we did there? Try it now with a free trial: http://cloudhq.net
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