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  1. SteveRay - thanks. Updated to this morning and no notes! Checked my settings (including F11/Ctrl-F11) and nothing. Dragged the corner of the window as you suggested and all is restored. I wasn't sure if this was just a Win 10 issue, so I tried updating EN on an old XP desktop... hung the entire computer during the "extraction" process - twice! On second reboot I loaded up EN and it was still at the previous version ( It works fine, so I'll just leave it at that. The Win 10 version (9915) seems to be working fine since the little display issue was resolved. Except I notice there is no "Delete Note" any more ... it's been replaced by the "Move Note to Trash" option ... really ??? I know this is technically what "delete" did anyway, but .... Can I suggest we rename the "Move Note" option to "Leave your existing note in exactly the same place in the internal EN database, but replace the current Note_Stack pointer value with a new one so that it appears to be in a different part of your notebook structure".
  2. I concur - be prepared to spend a lot of time sorting Win 10 graphics .. especially if you are using multiple monitors. I have EN open all the time on a second monitor, so I can take daily notes whilst I'm working. It took a while to get the Win 10 configuration to behave, but finally got there .. but IMHO it was worth it - probably Microsof'ts best OS for quite a while.
  3. I've been running Windows 10 as my PRIMARY desktop machine for a couple of months now - I use EN all the time for all my notes (syncing with various mobile devices and other Windows computers/laptops). I have found NO Windows 10 specific issues.
  4. Yes, with Wiki-links I was thinking maybe to allow [[folder/note_name]] .. but this would need real-time mapping to the unique notebook identifier that is currently used because notes can be moved to different folders.
  5. Firstly, sorry if I've missed this already, but .... is there anywhere on this forum where there is a consolidated (and rationalised) lists of features and requests? There are a few bugs / unexpected behaviour issues, and some ideas I'd like to put in the general pot for discussion / consideration, but I have no idea if they have already been raised. I'm thinking of a general tread, say "Requests, suggestions", then a sub-thread for each platform. For instance: General: + Add some time/datestamp shortcuts (eg, dd/mm/yyyy, Day_of_week, dd/mm/yyyy, hh:mm, etc) + implement a "wiki" option for inserting links between notes (the existing one is cumbersome, it would be much easier to type, say [[Name_of_Note]] to generate a link) + The ability to hide the "Recent Notebooks" pane + Adding colour to stacks Android: + Make the view font the same as the edit font + add the option to insert a horizontal line (as you can do with the Windows client) + Reverse the order of the notes view to show Title then date (not date then title) Windows: + Add a fourth option for view that just shows the note title (ie a shorten version of the Snippet option .. making it consistent with the Android view) I'm sure many of the above have been thought of by other people and already raised, but I have no idea. Also, some ideas / suggestions are trivial and others not, so an indication from the Development team as to if (a) they have read them, ( b ) think they are a good idea, ( c ) intend to implement them. I realise asking for a timescale is not usually realistic!
  6. If the EN team are in the middle of an editor re-write for the Android, then please don't forget the HORIZONTAL LINE as well ... such a useful feature for laying out notes. I noticed in older posts this was giving problem. But it looks like that has been fixed as I'm having no issues in viewing/editing notes, written in Windows with horizontal lines, on my droids. I just can add horizontal lines with the Android version. Shashank ... why not use the handwriting feature to write your equations. Not ideal I know, but it will keep all your notes in one place. And I think I've just read that there is a beta release out of EN that does a better job of integrating in-line pics/attachments into a note (but I could be wrong ... I'm sure gazumped will know more about this).
  7. Yep, it works fine for me. I just have to remember to do this for any new Notebooks I create ... maybe have an option under settings to have offline checked for all new notebooks. Working on the principle that new notebooks are empty when you create them, you would get a chance to unselect it before adding any notes you didn't want to access offline (if that makes sense).
  8. Yes, but a choice of the "start screen" would be good (on all devices). The default Android screen is cluttered .. which is a shame as obviously it's smaller than on Windows. I always want to open Evernote (on all devices) so that it just shows Notebooks in the left hand pane. I don't want the four very large icons at the top (add note, camera, voice, add reminder) - these could be put on the green menu bar ... its largely empty and thus wastes space. I don't need the four options : Notes, Notebooks, Tags, Places - All my notes are organised into Stacks, then Notebooks - so I navigate through this hierarchy, by *always* selecting the Notebooks option. Hence an "always open in ????? view" would be a great addition to the setup options.
  9. I have been using B-Folders (in Google Play) for quite some time. It does peer-to-peer synchronization. It marketed as a "password briefcase" but its far more flexible than that. THe entire database is encrypted and password protected. It syncs between Android devices (any number) and Windows (any number). I have now switched to Evernote for my non-sensitive notes for three reasons: 1. The synchronization (in B-Folders) is manual - so I had to manually remember to sync between two Android and three Windows devices. Too much to remember especially when I was using PC, tablet and phone throughout the day. 2. B-Folders is only for simple text notes - no attachments. This was OK for most of my note taking ... but not being able to include sketches, pics, pdf's etc was getting a more of a problem. 3. B-Folders has no ability to link notes. I now run both in parallel - B-Folders for sensitive stuff ... which doesn't change too often, hence the sync issue isn't so much of a problem; and Evernote for everything else!
  10. I had the same issue. I solved it by putting all my notebooks in stacks. Some stacks had just one notebook ... so I combined them. It makes the organisation look much less cluttered.
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