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  1. NO. Evernote closed my ticket saying they could not respond. Not helpful at all. I'm looking into alternative products now since I can no longer rely on this one.
  2. I'm having a similar issue. Some pages are synced in some notebooks are synced, but not many. It used to sync without issue. I'm not sure how long it's been going on because I only use my notes in Penultimate and rarely check them in Evernote. However, I was making sure they were syncing because of another issue I was having withing Penultimate. What happened?
  3. Using iPad Mini: For random pages, I can see the entire contents of a page when looking at the grid view with the small versions of all pages in a notebook. For some pages, when I open them to full size, part of the content is gone--over half the page in some cases. When I go back to the grid view, it's there....and still gone in full page view. I've attached an image of the same page in both views. I use Penultimate to take all of my notes in business meetings. HELP!!! FYI...I'm up to date on all iOS updates and up to date on all Penultimate updates.
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