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  1. I would add my voice here, iWork works better than MS Office on macOS, I would like to see Evernote indexing iWork Suite files coming soon, we hope to hear from Evernote on ETD about it.
  2. I mean Penultimate works better than Sketch, I find some glitches when writing within Sketch, as I reached Evernote they told me it is not officially supported, so I suppose Evernote can do something about it to work better, and personally I don’t like switching between apps like switching between Penultimate and Evernote knowing that Sketch is yet limited to what Penultimate can do.
  3. Well, Evernote is note taking leader, but still don’t officially or fully support Apple Pencil, which is great for writing, I purchased all Evernote Jot Script Styles and none of them is near to Apple Pencil, I wish Evernote will integrate Penultimte within Evernote same as Notes in iOS11.
  4. Hello, I see that this post is old and few comments are around, I also would like to see one app for writing and typing especially with Apple Pencil now that it have good time out there.
  5. I am really very disappointed with the decision, I am a Blackberry user, BB10 is the fastest, and most fluid system I have ever used, I would keep using Evernote on my BB Devices, if I wiped my phone can I still find the app in my history of downloads or it will be gone, I wish Evernote will reconsider their decision.
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