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  1. I've had enough too. The final straw was that pop up boxes kept appearing badgering me to use work chat. I have unsubscribed from premium and uninstalled from some of my tablets. Now using OneNote again, which has improved a lot and has versions on all platforms.
  2. Whoa, not so fast there soldier. We've been able to dump it off the toolbar in Windows for weeks. The issue with many of us is that on iOS and Android tablets, where screen space is so much more valuable, it cannot yet be removed. In iOS it's a minor irritation because it hijacks the share button but in Android it takes up a huge chunk of screen and is prominently placed above "All Notes". So the first world complaining goes on, deal with it - which is more than Evernote support are doing with this issue.
  3. If you can't see the image in my last post try https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibe3xum8cj502g2/workchat.jpg?dl=0
  4. That sounds like a bug if the popup is persistent. Once that is cleared up, I don't imagine Work Chat will be in your way too much. I haven't needed to share anything since Work Chat was released, so honestly, I don't even notice that it is there. I have yet to see it interfere with my workflow (popups aside). A lot of people are complaining about WC and want it disabled, but none seem to be able to clearly articulate why they feel that way (other than saying "because I just do"). I'd be very interested to hear if/how Work Chat interferes with your flow (aside from popups, which are de
  5. Yes, you can hide it from Evernote desktop, but not so lucky with other platforms. On Android it takes up a prominent chunk of precious screen space above "All Notes" and "Notebooks". And with both iOS and Android it adopts an icon very similar to the familiar "Share" icon which you use to export notes or open in other apps and worse still relegates that feature onto the three-dots "more" menu so its very easy to tap that button to mail or print a note and find yourself confronted with the work chat dialogue. New features are all very well but they should let users opt in rather than have to o
  6. Totally agree with you. I hate it when new ideas are forced on you rather than made optional. I will never use work chat. Hate the concept. Hate the name. Evernote is for me, for my private notes and information. I don't want to share anything. Get your own bloody notes. Maybe it is time they should split Personal and Business into two separate products. These days I'm using OneNote more and Evernote less, especially since Microsoft got its act together and put out pretty decent OneNote apps for iOS and Android. Evernote needs to raise its game, especially with the tired editor. I've been wait
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