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  1. @JimKn: Hey, thanks, this is cool. I must have read about it years ago in Pogue's "Missing Manual" but have totally forgotten about being able to add applications of my choice and then binding keys to literal menu entries. For demonstration purposes (to be hopefully helpful to others) I add a screenshot from the german system settings' dialog where I exemplarily have bound "Increase/Decrease Indent" to the cmd-Umlauts which lay side by side in a german keyboard layout: which even yields updated labels in the program menu, and the new bindings replace or overrule the built-ins (as I
  2. I'm glad you asked and really appreciate your promptness in doing so, so here we go. Disclaimer: Since I use the german version of the EN client, the spelling of the functionalities named below might literally differ, but I will try my best to make clear what is meant. Missing shortcuts acc. to my only personal feelings: Copy Link to Note Add Note to Favorites Format > Table Insert Line Above (and Below) Delete Line Open New Note in New Window Navigation: Typically I use the GUI's "card layout" with sidebar enabled, thus having sidebar, notes list, note view from left to right i
  3. Hi and greetings to all, if there was a wish list I'd like to add the plea for creating and modifying personal keyboard shortcuts for a lot more functionality than those currently few for general operations. I like my keyboard and I have to use this artificial finger limb (aka "mouse") quite more often in Evernote than I like to, e. g. to copy a note link which I use all the time. Or is there a solution already I simply don't know about? Thanks for any clues and hints and have a great time!
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