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  1. Thanks for your help. I can use ifttt pretty well, but with these apps it seems not to be able to clip the whole article. I know it's possible to clip to evernote with the wc opening the page from feedly on the web, my problem is doing it on my smartphone. With Feedly I can simply add an article to pocket, I don't need a premium account for it, and it works pretty well. My problem is then sending from pocket on my android smartphone to evernote, this simply doesn't work. How do you send article from pocket to evernote? I presume you have an ios device and so this sharing feature works well. I can't see on the web version of pocket the possibility to share to evernote.
  2. Yesterday I have tried also with ifttt. First I have done a recipe to send the article to Evernote when I save for later in Feedly, and then another one to send to Evernote when I sign as preferred in pocket. But in both cases I end with only title and link in the Evernote note...am I doing something wrong? Thinking of another way: do you know any windows desktop RSS reader that has Evernote sharing?
  3. The feeds I read every day are full of images, I don't want to exceed the 1 gb limit. The sharing to Evernote is also a pro feature of Feedly.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm an evernote pro user from a few months, and I'm loving it! I want to better organize my daily news reading, so I was thinking to use feedly+pocket+evernote: feedly to browse through all of my daily feeds, pocket to save the interesting, and evernote to save only the important one. I use these services on my windows pc and on my android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3). I have found a problem in this chain: when try to share an article from the pocket app to evernote, it simply clips the text and loses all the images and the other attachments. I made a test with the ios version of these 2 apps, and it worked perfectly. Is this a known problem of the android app? Can I make something to bypass the problem? Thanks to everyone and sorry for my poor english
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