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  1. I'd like to know it, too. My tags are nested... and this is utterly required by my GTD implementation... (attached)
  2. What about projects? I haven't solved it with TSW yet. I usually create a Note for a project (like "Buying a car"), and inside I use checkbox for tasks (and I add the estimated time to complete each) and put ALL the information (even PDF files) about this project. Then I tag it with @Work or @Personal, and 1-Now, 2-Next or 6-Waiting, depending on if I have a task to do on it today, if it has a Next action defined, or 6 if I'm waiting for something to move on this project. What really bugs me is that I usually find 65 notes, but I now there are a lot more tasks because each project has tasks inside. What would you do? Here it is an example of a Project-note in my evernote: Next tasks Check online for car model X (30 minutes)Look for dealers selling itAsk for quotations to each oneStudy and decide where to purchase itWaiting Quote from car dealer 1Goal of this project: to get the car I want at the lowest price possible When I want it to be finished: by September
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