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  1. How do I report this bug to Evernote so they can fix it? I am a Basic (free) user, so I'm not allowed to chat or email support.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry if my original post was unclear -- I don't want to highlight text within an Evernote note. I want to select text within an Evernote note. I want to use my mouse to select some text within a note, so I can copy-paste it to another note, or another app. The mac System Preferences > General > Highlight Color allows me to specify what text highlighting color is used as text is selected with a mouse. This setting is used by Mail, Safari, etc. as I select text within those apps. Evernote 7.5 is using a different color to identify selected text
  3. I am using Evernote for Mac. I just upgraded to Evernote 7.5 (457110 App Store) Editor: 53.2.6641 (8d08b35) under MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6. When I select text in a note, the selected text color is not using the non-default "Highlight Color" I specified in System Preferences > General > Highlight Color Prior versions of Evernote did use the non default color from the System Preferences. This seems to be new (incorrect) behavior. Did the Evernote team make a simple mistake here, or is this some new intended behavior? I am visually impaired, and the current color Evernote uses
  4. You are right -- the content.enml is a MUCH better starting point for restoration. I had to copy this file to a new file with an .html suffix to get Safari to recognize it. All the HTML links are there, and all the indent/etc formatting as well. Thanks again!
  5. Awesome! I spent some time in Purgatory (which I deserve), and found my note fairly quickly with some Unix grep commands. The "note.xhtml" file contains the whole note text, so with a little vi time, I can get back the note without formatting or HTML links, etc. -- a small price to pay for deleting the note in the first place. I am reluctant to use Time Machine to restore the original note, given the possibility of mistakes on my end, but glad that is an option if I needed it. Looks like the purgatory directory does not contain the .enex file needed to fully restore the note... I
  6. Hello, I can't find a note today. This note has over six months of home projects, to do lists, etc., so I know what keywords to search for to find it. It is gone. I recently emptied the trash, and because I was in a hurray (and feeling particularly stupid) I did NOT review the titles of the notes in the trash prior to deletion, like I usually do. Lazy and stupid. I am using the free version of Evernote on a Mac. Is there anything I can do to recover the note? If I upgrade to premium, can the Evernote team help me recover the note via email support? I did some searches that ment
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