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  1. Hi all. I have the version one of DayOne app with about 2-300 entries. Including pics and texts. Now Evernote has a password/Touch ID secuirty I have decided to use this app as my personal diary instead of DayOne. Ive done a search on how to export from DayOne to Evernote but failed to find any clearly and defined way. Has anyone discovered a way to do this efficiently?
  2. Due to the location of our home, the location tagged in all of my notes (unless I change it) is incorrect. This isn't a massive issue but one I would prefer to correct if possible. Rather than changing it on each note, I would like to do this all at once. In an app like iPhoto or similar geotagged app, the process is usually simple. I can find all the notes incorrectly geo-located with evernotes Atlas maps. However I can seem to be able to move them or edit multiple notes. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas. Cheers, PK
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