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  1. I'm a premium user, Win7, v6.5.1.3988 (303988). Beginning yesterday, I can no longer paste information into notes. I can't use Web Clipper on the information because it's on a site that requires a log-in so I HAVE to copy and paste. I need to access this information across devices and having the info in an attachment is not useful. There is no error message; nothing happens when I paste, whether I use control+v or menu option of paste or right click and paste. I restarted Evernote and also rebooted the computer with no effect. I tried asking the twitter team for help but was ignored. I'm getting my MFA online and I keep all my homework assignments on Evernote, all my readings, and everything I submit. I also cannot use Evernote on my Android tablet anymore. It kept crashing so I removed it and now it will not reinstall from either Google Play store or the Amazon App store. I can't go to the Evernote web site to view my notes because the tablet browser doesn't support whatever you use to display notes. I've been paying for Evernote for years and right now I'm really angry because it's impeding my work, not enhancing it anymore.
  2. I found this Firefox add-on that is doing the trick. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/repagination/ Thanks for your help everyone. -MB
  3. Is there an easy way to save an article that's been spread across many pages (see Cracked.com, for instance) into a single cohesive note? I can obviously save each page and combine the notes later, but there's no way when you combine notes to specify the order the notes are combined in, so that's even worse, and it's time-consuming. Sites used to have buttons for "view on one page" or "print friendly version" that put everything together, but no one seems to do that anymore. I'm a premium user, Windows 7 & 10, Android phone & tablet. Any ideas appreciated. Miss Bert
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