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  1. Alright so there are no alternatives to Evernote, as I expected. I am continually amazed by the amount of morons in the world. Evernote is the only app that is actually suitable for Human Beings. All of these apps, or most of them, try to be creative by introducing all kinds of specialized features such as "to-do lists", but that is akin to having kitchen utensils for every kind of fruit you need to cut. I JUST want a basic note application. Write on Windows, sync, use on Android. Write on Android, sync, save on Windows. It is just incredulous that people usually are not capable of creating something that is actually useful and user friendly. That is something that has become increasingly bad in the last few decades. 30 years ago most designs were still functional. Today, they rarely are. But I still can't use Evernote anymore... Maybe I should get a third app that I can paste my text into and use it to correct errors. I think I will do that. Now, to find something that is actually worth something; Jotterpad X is actually totally horrible, with dissonant line-spacing that you cannot adjust.Flick Note makes all text bold ????.What the HELL.Simple Notepad syncs with Evernote but looks horrible by default and if they can't do the default right, they can't do anything right.Jota is hideous as hell. ANYthing that uses "Markdown" is bound to be horrible. Anyone knows that *this* is the way to indicate bold. In Markdown? It's italics. What the .... what's wrong with using /this/ for italics? It is completely intuitive. They just copied wiki markup and then mangled it. Anything that connects to Dropbox is bound to be horrible. Designing for a smartphone is pretty high-level work. Not only does the app need to be functional, it needs to be visually extremely attractive. The vast majority of apps falls short in that department, and only the biggest companies do well. Even the icon for the app is important. Apps like Evernote, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, these things are visually attractive from beginning to end. But 95% of apps that are available are just a waste of energy. Not just for me, also for the creators. I now found something that will do for the moment. It is just called "Text Editor". It is not pretty but not too bad for those few seconds I need to look at it. But know what they did? Their icon is pretty good, but they forgot(?) to make the exterior transparent. So the icon is a white square background with a notepad icon in it, instead of a transparent notepad icon. IDIOTS. If you go about and create something, at least give it your all..... Something's just not worth doing unless you do it well. Just my opinion but how stupid is it that it is impossible to find a well-designed application that can edit some unformatted text??? Even my phone does not come with one. There is not actually a text-editing app on my phone by default. Not that only small companies mess up. I would never use that TextEdit application for OS X, for example. Design standards have just gone up in recent decades. The visuals of "Windows 95" will no longer do. I still arduously use Notepad on Windows 7 though, it still looks great. I avoid WordPad like the plague since it has the ribbon. OpenOffice is the most horrible thing ever devised. So basically, there is no formatted-text editor I can use other than Evernote. So what do I do? I use BlueGriffon which is a HTML editor. I then use Firefox to print out my documents or letters if I need to. Btw, the paragraph-spacing on this forum is also not very good. It looks okay in the editor and then when you preview it or view it, it is much too big. You can see how annoying it is to read my text because I have a lot of single-line paragraphs. But this is not my doing, it is because of the line-spacing.
  2. Agree. It is ridiculous that the "pencil" action returns you to the top of the document. I don't mind having to press it so much. I am more ...disoriented by the method of selecting text, because I often do "select all" copy and paste and after 30 times I still haven't understood how it works. It is like every time, I have to find out and discover how it works, AGAIN. Something I find myself messing about in frustration because I'm doing the "wrong" thing again. Selecting text on Android is annoying as hell anyway.
  3. This thread is 2 years old, but I am experiencing some of the same. I write unformatted text on a recent Windows version. It is one paragraph without line-breaks. I sync and I open it on Android. The paragraph seems fine. I copy and paste it into a text message. Something seems wrong, but I'm not sure about how that SMS app would display everything, so I just hit send. When I see my message, an additional space was inserted between the end of one line (a period) and the beginning of the next word. No formatting. Just that. That word did contain some 'special characters', it was a Serbian name. I edit the note in my Android app. Suddenly there are not two spaces, but none at all. I close and reopen, and now another space has gone missing! This is really annoying. In my communications I want to be as precise as possible. Such mark-up errors are unacceptable to me. So for me it means I have to send another message apologizing for the weird spacing. It also means I have to check every text message I send for fornicate-ups I did not make. But the whole reason for using Evernote (or at least an important one) is that my SMS app has this really small window for writing and it's just pointless to write anything longer than a few SMS-sizes in it. It is HORRIBLE to have to scan back and check for errors. Are there ANY good alternatives to Evernote? Something that is equally well designed visually and in terms of user controls, but that actually works as intended? Also, the Evernote "revision" feature is not a revision thing at all. The server makes automated backups a few times each day. The chances for the 'revision' you want to be in one of those backups is extremely slim. It was the only reason I bought Premium, and I regret it. It is almost and lets just say "near" worthless. I really can't keep using this app. I believe this is the second time this happened. I don't remember the other instance. I believe, sometimes it is not even possible in my SMS app or Whatsapp app to discern or ascertain that the spacing is indeed correct everywhere. Depending on where it happens and how that app breaks the line. This is just worthless. I will start looking for something else straight away. Another thing, unrelated perhaps. The navigation in Evernote for Android is really bad. Pressing the "back" button that Evernote includes does not take you back to the list of notes you were previously viewing and that you used to open one. It takes you to that weird screen where you can select navigational items, like it is some main menu. You actually have to press "return" on your Android device to get the feature that that button should provide. And I always press the wrong button, it is so counter-intuitive. Really horrible actually. There is no good way to return to the notebook you were in.
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