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  1. Good luck with that! And don't hold your breath. We've been asking for this feature for over two years -- and have been totally blown off. If you can find an alternative to Evernote, I'd switch now, before you get invested. (And if you do, let the rest of us know. There are a lot of people here in your position.)
  2. Nice to have a monopoly, isn't it? As I've said, and others in this thread, this company needs a serious competitor. They remind me of the U.S. Government: Lots of features to brag about, most of which are half baked or poorly thought out. But they make good talking points and generate "growth", which from the company's perspective, is all they need.
  3. Given how many years this issue has been left unaddressed, I can only assume it's like pretty much everything else Evernote: it's an issue for us, not them, because they have no real competition, forcing them to up their game. So long as they're the only solution on the web for a comprehensive cloud based note storage/filing platform, they have no real reason to address subscriber concerns. Adding to the ever growing stream of (often half baked) new "features", so they can continue grow their subscriber base (and revenue stream), is the top priority I'm sure. For those of us already inside the
  4. Then you must be seeing what's coming, and it sounds great! Hopefully, they'll let non-owners add tags too. Unfortunately, I run Linux, not Windows, so I have to use either the desktop web interface, or a 3rd party program that uses the API (of which I have two, so that I can see the differences).
  5. I've been an Evernote user almost since their beginning, and have been a Premium member for over a year. This is a topic that I have repeatedly complained about to the Evernote team. From what I know, and I use Evernote on three different platforms, pretty much everybody is both right, and wrong about the tagging thing. The problem is, to date, Evernote has been very sloppy in making sure that the user experience is identical across all platforms. You can do things on the desktop web interface that you can't do on the Android app; you can't do things on the Android app that you can do thro
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