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  1. Could you imagine the time it would save if the Evernote Groupies would take a second and actually read things through, stepping out from underneath their bias for a second and make an honest effort to take anothers perspective before banging out some condescending retort that only caters to their ignorance? Why didn't I think of just moving everything, hundreds of items, one by one by one, out of evernote? I mean, *duh*. Vance, what were we all thinking.. That's like, so easy..
  2. It seems there is still a problem with understanding the html export here. If you export the notes from EN to .html, all your typed content (and txt or web pages) is output as html, but all attached and imported files are there in their original form with their original filenames. They are located in subfolders named after the note, but if you choose the above folder in Windows explorer and search for a filetype, you will get all files of that type listed. You can then copy/move them or treat them however you want to. I am sure there is a similar way to do this on a mac. There is a good reason Evernote uses html as the export format. In EN, you can have all sorts of content within one note - A bit of text, an audio file, a few images, some more text and then maybe a doc. The only way to display all this as it was in the note is html. Thanks for your 0.2c, but I understand it just fine. To quickly transfer everything out of Evernote while keeping the same title & folder layout, I used Cloud HQ and it was done in an instant..
  3. I found my way here by Googling how to transfer notes/files out of Evernote (Unbelievable they don't offer any such ability) and had absolutely no intention of commenting, in fact, I rarely if ever participate in forum discussions - BUT - the Evernote representative, BurgersnFries, was so appallingly rude, unhelpful and condescending to the OP I felt the need to make the effort to create an account just so I could congratulate Vance (OP) on being a million times better, more patient person than I could ever be. Vance, you handled her ignorance and demeaning manner like a champ. You'd be great in the special needs field, working with challenged individuals who lack basic social interaction skills. BurgersnFries, you single-handedly ruined my perception of Evernote. I was willing to concede to having to use yet another service to be able to perform the simple function of transferring notes, but after meeting you? The Evernote Evangelist? Not so much. Not only am I changing my search query from 'how to transfer notes out of evernote' to 'evernote alternative' but I'm now going to make a point to reference this thread in any future Evernote discussions I see across the web. You went the extra mile to make an Evernote users request not only as difficult as humanly possible, but you made the special effort to patronize them and publicly infer they were of lesser intelligence, if not downright stupid for not being able to understand your roundabout BS answer that didn't even serve the purpose. You get what you give. And you gave sh*t.
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