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  1. Agreed. I had Cmd-Opt-O set up as a shortcut to open notes in a new window, but since this command has been removed from the main menu it is impossible to set a shortcut. Annoys me having to use the mouse. Regarding note title, while it is annoying to go to the end, you don't need to use the mouse to highlight text. To avoid the mousing around, you can use: Shift-LeftArrow to highlight one letter at a timeShift-Opt-LeftArrow to highlight one word at a timeShift-Command-LeftArrow to highlight the whole title These shortcuts work in most other native OS X apps, so the finger muscle memory becomes well exercised.
  2. 12 months later and it's still an issue. I discovered dozens (literally!) of unprocessed notes that were delivered to the wrong notebook without me noticing - who knows how many more I have to find. Sadly it's too late to act on some of them now. Like others I didn't know about the auto-filing "feature" and because I almost never log in online, I never found the setting despite checking my Mac preferences many times. I hope Evernote fix this soon, it's a real pain and has certainly reduced my confidence in my "external brain".
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