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  1. RESOLVED!!! KINDA!!! It wasn't my computer, but Evernote had been installed on a computer of a friend that I'd logged into and put to sync every 15 minutes (because I use other people's evernote and sync my stuff on other people's computer's which is a good bad habit. I got into the database and copied my stuff, then came back, killed everything Evernotey in my task manager, then went into my own local database, cut everything out and then put in the files i'd gotten. Then i started Evernote again and it made me put in my password, then everything appeared in like 3 seconds!!! I'd tested out the enex first but the files were missing stuff. Not the content but like the location tags on the map. The database copy and paste worked perfectly. And now I'm thinking that this should have occurred to me a good deal earlier but I'm so happy now! The only thing that's kinda bothering me now is thinking that there might be I don't now how many computers out there with my stuff on it just syncing away in somebody's accessible daabase... but it's not like it's CIA codes to warheads or anything so *shrug* A thousand yays. My login had always been accepted. Sync starts as soon as I logged in and sometimes went on for hours but never to completion. Sometimes just with the tittles of the files and no other content. In the tags list I would see all the tags but no files, just a zero next to them. In the last 24 hours or so, the amount of complete files that would sync kept reducing with each attempt. It was 84 on one attempt, then 36, then 12, then the last time none at all. The circle arrows just kept spinning until eventually whenever, the red exclamation would go up with a "cannot connect to server error" I'd tried installing pre-release versions and older versions from a month back, even like 2012 versions that I still had, but nothing. Same problem. But if I'm still syncing to other computers, that has to mean it's something with my computer, yeah? That's what I'm thinking at least. Everything else is syncing and my internet is working as well as it ever had. The only thing I can think of is that i re-installed Windows about 3 weeks back. I'm so backed up on Dropbox and everything that it was like nothing changed, but maybe there was some kind of error wrt some feature that evernote needs specifically?! I don't know. MS Office, Drive, Box, Dropbox and Bittorent sync are moving smoothly so I really don't no. When I try to sync now, it just does a quick sync and says complete after about 2 seconds. So it's just right there where it was. Not syncing anything new that i put on my tab to test it out., Main thing though is that I have my files. Never went into Appdata before, curiously enouugh. I feel like i should maybe back this folder up on the cloud or does Evernote do that? Or is it implied by the only syncing that the database is already stored online somewhere? It would be cool if in some future version whenever if they have a nice little "auto-backup to Dropbox or Drive" feature which would maybe save the more neurotically inclined EN users the days of panic and diarrhea and insomnia. But thanks anyway gamzumped for being a sort of sanity-breadcrumb trail. Notes at last, notes at last, thank God Almighty, NOTES AT LAST.
  2. Did a thorough clean and now I have nothing and can't connect with the server to get even a single solitary note. Question though, I should be synced on other computers right? If I can get to a computer that has me synced, I can copy the local files from wherever Evernote stores them and then paste them on my own home desktop and get access to them there? Because as I suspected and as you said: which I don't really mind except I need access to these files tonight and the online internet version and my tab version isn't cutting it. I'm seeing crazy things with people copying and pasting thousands of files. I only have a couple hundred files but I can't "ctrl + a" from the web, and I ain't going through each note. I've tried Print to Evernote from the web, but that is giving me blank pages in OneNote. If I can find the local files on another computer in a library or somewhere that I've synced before, (because I do syncs the way rats leave droppings - all over the place everywhere), can I transplant these files? I think i want to try this.
  3. I can't take it anymore. For about the past 2 weeks now, I keep getting a sync failure on my desktop version of evernote. I didn't mind too much because my android tab and the online version on the internet were synced. I mostly use my tab for notes, then I sort them out on the desktop, add tags and all that. No emergency. But for about the past 30-something hours I've been awake trying to get my desktop to sync. I need access to my notes like NOW. Well, not now, because now I have a twitchy red watery eye, but like tomorrow, yeah? At this point i don't care if I have to export to OneNote and use that, but the catch is that there are like 2 programs to export from Evernote to OneNote and the one that uses the account instead of the program apparently doesn't work anymore. The other one exports what's there on the desktop app, and guess what? only like 30% of my notes are on the desktop. It say's it's syncing, but Geezus, I can swear that it's either syncing 1 note every half hour, or it's deliberately UN-syncing itself. I don't even know at this point. I've tried it using the normal version and the prelease versions. Same result. One time it said it had maybe 90 percent of my notes, the sync circle arrows stopped rotating, but it was all page titles and nothing else which is deceptive because on a glannce you're thinking that everythig is in order when it's comletely not. The only thing I'm seeing now is to do what, go on the net and copy and paste my stuff to OneNote? I have like 250 notes with tons of images. Copying and pasting sounds like madness. And not the fun kind of madness. It sounds like the irate kind. I've been reading through the net for days now trying to find a feasible solution, but so far only abject failuire. I was gonna attach the activity log so that somebody could help, but of course, ther's a limit of 500kb and of course the log file is larger than that. Of course. I need acess to my notes. Not on the web. On my dektop. I've tried for long enough to get this to work. Followed all the suggestions in the forum and nothing, so can any one human person who knows what the problem is with this iceberg-melt pace please help me out before i lose my mind completely, because I feel like I'm losing it here' It's bad enough i have to go to OneNote and then I can't even do that? For real? I've made no changes to my computers harddrive, just done some basic cleaning. Every single thing else is working fince, all the sync folders, dropbox, skydrive, google drive, every single thing is syncing except EN. Even Word is syncing properly. Even Word, so what the hell, EN? I need the frakking notes!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! LOG
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