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  1. Gazumped's very simple idea of switching the computer off (where do these brainwaves come from??) has worked perfectly! However, I will have a look at what you've described - it may well come in useful down the track. Thanks for your contribution?
  2. Thanks, for the tips @gazumped - I'm just impatient for a suggestion?. I will try your advice first - and then go for the premium support - totally forgot that I had that benefit!
  3. No responses yet - is there anyone that can help me with this, please? Any useful suggestions will be appreciated!
  4. I'm having trouble with EN Web Clipper in Safari on my (early 2015) Macbook Pro Retina (MacOS 10.12.5). It normally works fine. About 20 minutes ago I clicked on the EN button in Safari and it took me to a new tab to log into Web Clipper(which I did) – then took me back to the web page I was previously on. Nothing further happened so I clicked on the elephant icon once again. There was a brief moment when a new tab came up (almost as if it was logging into Web Clipper) and then returned to the previous web page. At this stage, it should have brought up the clip dialogue box linked to my chosen web page – but nothing! I tried the same on my iPad – it works fine. I've tried on my MBP numerous times now, without any success. I've also tried clipping different pages without luck. Web Clipper was working fine earlier today. Any thoughts?
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