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  1. my preferences box is ALSO unchecked. I'll try the uninstall/install. tks
  2. I have an attachment, a MSWord doc, which is updated from time to time. I change the date in the header, and want to change the Word Document to also reflect the date, so when I look at it I know it's the most recent. But, the attachment data and header is updated satisfactorily but the file name is not. When I save it, it goes to some strange area with, I think, some sort of system-applied area. Thank you for suggestions or am I asking the impossible?
  3. thank you. It sounds like you said the file DOESN'T automatically update unless you drag the updated computer-based copy to EN. That makes sense, it's not like groupware (Central Desktop for instance). I often revise the EN copy, if I'm traveling, at the movies, whatEVER, thus EN copy is most updated. If I need a computer copy, I should drag the EN version BACK to the computer. The reason I would do this is that (I'm using a MAC) TimeCapsule updates x times a day. thank you for your response .... so quickly. I LOVE user forums.
  4. When you revise a document original, located on the computer, will the doc automatically sync with the doc dragged to Evernote? Or can you ONLY revise on Evernote copy, which populates only to Evernote on other devises, not to the original document?
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