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  1. Curiously, i never had similiar situations on ANY other web blogs or apps. Yeah, it's like i bought a house and it falls down one day suddenly because of some mistakes the constructors made and the only thing i can do is to suck it up because i didn't double ckeck every corner and each bone of its main frame or the quality of their construction materials, in the same manner i could even not have any explaination why this happened and i'm the one to blame coz i didn't prepare multiple other mansions. So in ur holy opinion, when one's plane kisses the gound during its flight, we should blame the passengers. oh cr*p, nobody forced them to get on the plane and send themselves to the maker of the univers earlier, it was the passengers themselves who chose the plane and clearly they didn't check every machine and instrument on board carefully, or they could just give up aero ways and take land vehicles to avoid encounting aviation disasters but they didn't. maybe the poor passengers should have done some serious soul searching and be honest with themselves before they had walked in that fatal metal bird. U see, i don't get it now: why they work so hard to fix bugs then? why we look for developement & enhancement? they seem work just fine with a million bugs. Ur whole logic is very... well let's say, brain-storming. Now i know why they r all criticizing Evernote. In the end u'r right about one thing after all: I WAS continuing blindly on trusting it. However thank u for saving me from my foolish evernote convictions, i love u so much bro, i really do, kisses for u. But don't worry, i will never be so blind again, u have my word. Adieu evernote. i'll never miss u.
  2. J'avais un article que je préparais depuis 2 ans carrément, juste il y a 20 minutes. Je voulais ajouter une dernière résumée à la fin de l'article. Déjà chaque fois j'écris un mot l'appli bug un peu et me ramène automatiquement en haut de l'article. Ce qui est encore plus étonnant c'est que après une phrase, l'appli me ramène plus jusqu'au tout début mais elle a effacé ma note presque entièrement. Oui, tout mon effort avec énormément de temps et d'énergie pendant 2 ans est mystérieusement disparu tout seul, sauf la dernière phrase que j'ai ajoutée or là ça sert à plus rien. Tout mon travail pendant 2 ans, en vain. Bravo Evernote Touch, bravo. Vous voulez savoir comment je me sens maintenant? Voici quelques adjectifs: furieux, enragé, forcené, irrité, violent, hystérique, endiablé. Merci Evernote, merci. J'ai dû être aveugle de vous avoir fait confiance. I had an article that I had been preparing for 2 years, like 20 minutes ago. I wanna add just a last resumee at the end of it. Well first of all, everytime I write down a word, the app brings me back to the very top of the article automatically. What is even more fascinating is that after one sentence I've managed to write down, the app no longer brought me back to the top anymore but it deleted almost my entire note. Yes, all my brainchild with tremendous time and energy on it, gone, except the last sentence that I just added but now it's worthless. All my hard work in 2 years, in vain. Bravo Evernote Touch, bravo, really. If u wanna know how i feel right now, here's some descriptions: furious, enraged, mad, angry, violent, hysterical, frenzied. Thank u so much for having ruined my work. I was truly crazy enough to have trusted u.
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